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Connor Bedard is Being Oddly Criticized for his Personal Decision

The unanimous top pick in the June NHL Entry Draft, Connor Bedard, has recently faced criticism for a selection he made in the run-up to the draft. Although the Canadian prodigy has always had a spotless record, his most recent decision may drive some supporters away.

Connor Bedard won’t be representing Canada in the IIHF Men’s World Championships, as we previously reported. At the time, there were conflicting opinions about the transfer among fans, who thought he should be thankful for the chance while also understanding the decision.

Many people assumed Bedard was preparing to play for the Men’s squad because he was not listed on the Canada u18 roster, but it now appears that was never the young Bedard’s intention.

With the Men’s Worlds underway now in Finland, the absence of Bedard has drawn the attention of some of hockey’s biggest pundits. The sizable gap left by Bedard was subsequently filled by the front runner for first overall this year, Adam Fantilli. This issue was brought up on the JiC show, where hockey commentators Jean-Charles Lajoie and Tony Marinaro debated Bedard’s move.

“Adam Fantilli is there, he is. I don’t understand it, honestly.”

Disagreeing with his colleague, Tony Marinaro immediately retorted.

“Yeah, and? What does he have to prove? When you’re going on vacation at the end of June, are you going to come work here? He wants to rest like everyone else!”

“It’s a missed opportunity,” Lajoie replied.

“And what if he gets injured because he’s done too much this year?” Marinaro fired back.

“Injure himself how? By breaking a leg? No, but what kind of injury would you want him to have? Do you really think something could happen that would jeopardize his career? It’s true that the World Championship is really scary,” “JiC” sarcastically insisted.

“I have absolutely no problem with his choice. He’s always represented his country,” Marinaro concluded.

Many people were curious about Bedard’s connection with the organization when he declined to join Team Canada this spring. Some people even speculated that Fantilli’s performance could force Bedard out of the top slot in this year’s selection.

We think people are overreacting, but it’s fun to read nonetheless.

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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